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49.7 °F (1.6)
High:50.1°F  Low:25.7 °F
30.04 inHg (-0.02)
High:30.27 inHg  Low:30.04 inHg
0.00 in
0.00 in/h (0.00)
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Current Heat Index 49.7 °F
Sunrise:8:17 PM
Current Humidity 43 %
Sunset:6:12 AM Current WindChill 49.7 °F
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Randys Weather On the Hill is located 1/2 mile North and a 1/2 mile East of Reform, Ohio on Pinewood Trail Rd in NE Licking County in Central Ohio, It is a personal weather station for my private use but I upload my data to many weather sites around the world,  You should always contact the NWS for a more accurate weather information, It is use to compare weather data to other PWS, NOAA and NWS reporting stations in area.You can click on any of the logos above for information about my weather data sent to those weather companies.
Collecting & Uploading Data since April 2002